You know theres a problem when....

you walk over the scattershot and think “Nahhh id rather have my boltshot”

anyone else feel the same way?



nah. Ill admit i get some pretty weird WTF moments with the scattershot. But its a power weapon that i can work with that i can’t spawn with.

I love the Scattershot. It’s great if you can get used to using the ricochet mechanic.

I like firing almost straight down right before I die. It causes my own body to melt.

Scattershot has better range.

Nope, not even in the slightest, I need that Forerunner Ordnance Mastery and honestly, I enjoy using the Scattershot more than the Boltshot. I don’t even use the Boltshot for that matter

I actually did some tests to see how the boltshot compared to other close range power weapons and hear is what I found.

Boltshot instant kill range = 8.5m

Shotgun = 7m

Sword = 7m

Hammer = 4.5m

Scattershot = 9.5m

And the charge time is 0.6 seconds. And it has a secondary firing mode capable of headshots. The bolt shot is a power weapon.

Nope, never.

I’d prefer to have the actual gun, the one that doesn’t require you to change up each shot, the same one that doesn’t require you to be absurdly close and have to time your shots perfectly while camping with Promethean vision to use effectively.

The Bolt isn’t as “OP” as everyone wants to think, I hardly ever get killed by it. Then again I’m not the type that just runs around corners into the open arms of the campers using it. If you know what you’re doing the Boltshot is pathetic and isn’t even worth griping about on the forums.

Basically people here need something to hate, as it turns out the Boltshot is up for its time in the complainer spotlight. Next week the Concussion rifle will be torn apart and designated as “what’s ruining Halo” and everyone will forget about this.