You know that guy behind the pillar that's one shot?

Ok. Face me then. I can literally win any game I’m in. Another one talking about stats as if it matters

Little buddy, you’ve won 3 of your last 10 games and 7 of your last 20. As much as you like to boast that you’ll win any game you jump in, the stats (which you claim to not care about while simultaneously trying to make up different ones) call your bluff. Your overall win percentage is just over 50%.

So let’s recap. Your initial argument about the guy who’s one shot got rebutted by anyone who commented and told you that you could’ve easily won that fight had your movement not been subpar. Multiple people then attempted to give you feedback to improve.

You immediately blew all these people off with your enormous unearned ego. You’re only rebuttal is that you can can win FFA, post average gameplay, and challenge everyone to a 1v1 on Rust like this is MW2 in hopes someone cared enough about you to accept.

Once that failed, you change your argument to claim spawns and equipment locations arnt fair, you only use which game mechanics you feel are honorable, and that you don’t understand how or are unwilling to counter actions of other players.

Again the community rebuttals your claim. Only this time, more gamers bring up how your stats don’t align with your ego and again offer pointers. You again don’t demonstrate any humility and offer the same claims as before except you swap FFA for any mode and replace your YouTube videos with claims that stats don’t matter.

It’s like trying to convince a flat-earther that the earth is in fact round.

Please just exercise a small amount of humility and take everyone’s advice into consideration. Stop pretending you’re some kind of hotshot that your stats (gameplay facts) don’t support. As I said before, everyone would like to see each other improve. There’s nothing worse than being the one that needs to be backpacked.

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Quite literally don’t play this game seriously.

I don’t use rockets.

I don’t use the hammer.

I don’t use the sword.

I litterally don’t even pick up anything but the camando.

I intentionally make the game hard for myself and I loose in the process because I’m not taking this game seriously.

This is why I’m telling you I can win any game. I can hop on right now. Win a FFA. Record it live and send it to you in 20 mins. I’ll use all the dirty AR combos and pick up all the weapons.

On top of that stats don’t matter. Never has. Pros went negative and won games. Pros went positive and lost games.

I even won many flag matches while.going negative but yet I had more flag caps than anyone else.

There is no ranked FFA or even ranked slayer for that matter so there is no way to prove individual skill.

So unless you put your big boy pants on and 1v1 then you got no argument buddy

You’ve already tried to make the same falsely equated claims about pros and someone else has already corrected you. Your blind ego and lack of humility is rather embarrassing.

When you purposely handicap yourself and then complain that others do not and out play you, you’re just making a fool of yourself. You have no grounds to even make an argument.

Good luck on your future endeavors and may you find a niche group of players that play as you do.


Mmmmm let’s see.

You won’t 1v1.

I never mentioned anyone’s stats.

And I’m the one making a fool of themselves?

If you can’t challenge then all your doing is saying hot air.

Like do I really care? The game has no collison my guy
How can anyone say they are “good” over anyone else?

What’s stats ganna prove? I’m still going to have the same points.

I already proved to be top 200 multiple times in a better game. No need to sweat over a game that doesn’t even have collison

Why would he? As you yourself said earlier: “A bad player could have a good idea and a good player can have a bad idea. Let’s not act like that isn’t a thing.”, so why should he have to 1v1 you to make you listen to an argument he is making?

Because others aren’t claiming to be somebody who can win any match he/she wants? Or suggesting that they are better then everybody in this topic?

Seeing how you ‘debate’, pretty much yes. Everytime someone argues with your statement you shift the point or demanding that they have to 1v1 you, like that even matters…

This is what i mean. Even bad players can have very good arguments, so needing to challenge you 1v1 is pointless and your trying to evade from arguing on points.

Since you took the time to start a topic and keep getting frustrated if people don’t agree with you, it seems you clearly care.

What is the relevance to the (original) point?

Completely irrelevant, how good you are in game X says nothing about how good you are in game Y. This is nothing else then claiming to have better arguments based on non-relevant skills and not to actually have better arguments.


It’s either you face me to prove I’m “bad” or you don’t have any points.

Simple as that.

I claim I’m good because I AM GOOD. I know I’m good and I don’t need to lie about it. If my confidence hurts someone else’s feelings then that’s on them.

You or anyone crying about stats will never change that

To be frank, you telling yourself that you’re ‘good’ is subjective. Everyone here who has watched your sub-par gameplay doesn’t believe you’re special or talented at the game. It’s pretty average.

Stats talk alot. You say pros don’t have good stats but they actually do when it comes to ranked play and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have became pros in the first place if they were not solo-capable without their teams.

Lucid, Royal 2, etc. For example have a 1.45 - 1.75+ KD in crossplay which is really good as that gamemode makes retaining a 1.0 difficult to maintain consistently.

Statistics objectively tell you everything, they are facts about a player’s performance unlike the bias you might obtain from loyal ‘friends’ who pamper that ego of yours.

Your excuses of why you lose FFA games because you make the game harder on yourself is laughable and are just stunting yourself from improvement if you don’t use and master the sandbox weapon utilities and equipment. Now I’m really convinced you were never a champ


I don’t loose FFA games. I willingly throw them in attempt to play the game how I want to. Like I said I can play and record a game for you right now and I will not fail.

Stats don’t win money. Stats don’t win games.

You can go negative in every game you play but if you win you will rank up.

You call me gameplay subpart but you wasn’t in the match with me. You didn’t face me and you didn’t win the game I won.

So unless anyone here faces me they have no argument about stats because each game is different. Each game has different people that will lead to different outcomes. You could have the best stats in the world and still loose a tournament.

Tournament wins. Money wins. And 1v1s that someone wins is the only way to show actual skill. If you never won money before. If you never won a tournament or you can’t win a 1v1 against the person your talking to then litterally everything you say doesn’t matter

I don't lose FFA games, I throw them

Oh, so you’re a loser? Got it.

Stats don't win games, don't win money

Statistics are a gauge of how a player performs, the likelihood of how much they can fare and do against other players ingame and what to expect.

At this point you’re strawmanning so hard, the validity of your points, game logic and skill just proves you’re a casual trying so hard to sound like a competitive kid but failing really miserably.

You keep 'blah blah blah’ing about how I’m not 1v1ing you, how I’ve not won a tournament before. You’re trying to push this onto me when this is all about you since you act so self-absorbed in your own thread.

1v1s are practically useless, wanna know why? Because there is no central host. It is one-sided. And HCS exclusively does 4v4s at the moment since it is more entertaining and more skillful to work in a team.

There will never be a true victor in 1v1s because of ping difference. LAN 1v1s however do work. If 1v1s were on dedicated servers, do sorta work. Because there is a central host.

I’m not 1v1ing you because I believe it will not satisfy the both of us, and it will not satisfy your argument given your logic and with the game’s reoccurring desync server issues.

I’ve 1v1ed people on infinite and seen them walk and shoot at walls not on purpose lagging out ‘asking why I’m not dying’ with their client-side of them actively shooting at me while on my client-side.

They’re really just walking into a wall which makes me take the 1v1 not so seriously that both parties have to call it off.

I’ve felt the need to end the lobbies because they were getting bullet/melee desync on me and I cannot call myself really a victor among them because all my bullets are connecting and theirs isn’t due to hit regs. Even when I give them host, same issue ensues on their end. This is the explanation you will get.


Eevee already covered the orginal points if your still on that 1v1 idk what to tell you.

Sure 1v1s don’t work I guess. That proves me point even further that there is no way to show individual skill

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Yeah, your individual skill is dying more than killing. I gave you a week and you’re still negative in crossplay ranked.

282 games, 0.94 KD, hardstuck Diamond 5. Want me to read your kills and deaths in that ranked playlist?

Okay, here; 3918 Kills, 4170 Deaths.

Wanna know my stats to humble you up?

190 games in crossplay ranked, 1.47 KD, Onyx 1669. 3544 Kills, 2405 Deaths.

I play on mouse and keyboard while you be ego’ing on controller. Shut that up and stop saying you’re better than anyone before someone stomps you over that is lmao.

And since you say you stomp FFA games, lemme read it for everyone to see.

68 games in FFA, 1.39 KD, 41.2% winrate, 1388 Kills, 1000 deaths. You’d be considered stomping FFA if your winrate was over 50% which you have literally control over unlike ranked.

Now here’s mine.

53 games in FFA, 3.37 KD, 81.1% winrate, 1189 Kills, 353 Deaths.

If you are ever in my FFA games, I’ll be sure to leave some hairy nuts on your face :3


Yet another player that won’t face me.

Talking all that hot ish but you can’t even back it up.

Gave me a week? I already told you I don’t take this game seriously. Man really think I’m sweating just for him. Like 1600? Is that all you got. You’ve been trying all this time and that’s all you got?

1v1 or you have no argument.

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282 games, 0.94 KD, hardstuck Diamond 5, 3918 Kills, 4170 Deaths.

190 games in crossplay ranked, 1.47 KD, Onyx 1669. 3544 Kills, 2405 Deaths.

68 games in FFA, 1.39 KD, 41.2% winrate, 1388 Kills, 1000 deaths.

53 games in FFA, 3.37 KD, 81.1% winrate, 1189 Kills, 353 Deaths.

My stats back it up all, while yours don’t back up your talk

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Let’s do best of 5, 5 1v1 matches. I’ll bring one of my friends to watch you get humiliated.

Score of 15, 12 minutes, Ranked BR starts. No camo or rockets. Overshield and snipes are allowed. I’ll host but if you respectfully ask me to restart due to desync, I will.

Don’t say it when I start getting a huge lead on you. Say it at the start of the games otherwise I’ll think you’re tilting.

I’ll message you on Xbox when I am playing.


190 games and I barely play ranked while there are people hardstuck 1600+ with 350+ games in crossplay. Not the hardest I got but one of the shortest. I’m 131 points away from 1800 while you are at 1407, needing 393 points. Cute diamond being ambitious with his 282 games.

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Thank you. If you win. You get bragging rights.

All I ask is rockets is off the table. Snipe is fine

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Pure comedy… I honestly can’t decide who of you two is more hilarious :joy:

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This is a parody thread right?


Nothing of value here.