You have to download the game, PC MicrosoftStore

Good people, I start by saying excuse me if I am not understood as I use a translator.
Starting when I bought halo tmcc in part halo 3 odst and halo 4 this August and October respectively, I have been excited to be able to play it on PC, since it is normal that the connection is lost in my house because where I live the internet arrives via antennas and there are always network problems. Right here the problem begins to play without internet, games like halo wars 2 and halo wars DE have no problems when playing offline, the detail is in TMCC, when I want to play without a line I get messages that I must download the add-on, even when It is downloaded and you can see the add-on in application options there, even without a network the storage knows it and the game does not want to let you play, not even with anticheat and with mods enabled, it is very frustrating that one individually pays about 4 usd to 8 usd, which may be little for you, but where I live is approximately 10% (80 usd per week) of the minimum wage.
This post is more than anything for you to begin to fix that detail on PC, that it is not fair that they give privilege to the console that there if they respect the games purchased and on PC if you do not have internet, flatly deny access to something you bought legally.

Maybe if you know something about how to make it possible to play offline, I would appreciate your comment or maybe if you can make this more popular so that you can do something about it as soon as possible, it is not a benefit for me or a few, this for more people who buy the game to have fun by not having internet.