You have one wish, what would it be for infinite and why?

With Christmas coming up soon and halo being in a beta atm I thought it be abit of fun to make a community wishlist sorta thing.

Pretty simple list 1 (I mean 1) and explain why you want it. Shouldnt have to say this but be nice to each other even if you dont agree and obviously Feel free to heart others wishes if you also want it. So what’s your wish?

My wish: shaders/coatings can be applied to all armor cores.

Why: well it’s a simple change and would allow me to have that bit of extra customisation especially when unlocking new colours. Atm it’s off putting to unlock a colour and find out it’s not for my core lol


To have a more understanding community on how reality is and what can actually be done in the time we have. I get the hate for the things Infinite has and should have hate on. But to also have the patience of more than 24 hours to realize changes will be done.

Wish everyone a happy holidays.

I would love to see a small amount of shop credit be given if you complete the weekly challenge. This would allow people who are free only players to grind for the battle pass. Even if it is just 50 credits per week. You could earn a free battle pass every 5 months.

Am I only allowed one? Please bring back Guardian. It’s the perfect place to party on.


Halo 3 MCC tier customization, with full body custom parts, not just slapped on decorations on default armor, because Infinite customization is like Reach, but actually way worse

A Halo Reach XP and customization system.

For obvious reasons…

Oh yes definitely! I’d love a way to earn some credits even if it’s a small amount. I brought the 2200 pack and have no idea if I’ll ever be able to use that 200 on something useful lol

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My 1 wish would be a way to have store credits earnable in-game, something like 10 credits per daily and 20-30 credits per weekly would be great. Currently like 95% of the cosmetics in this game are completely locked off from free players, and that must change. Free players should be able to unlock any cosmetic they like as long as they save long enough, but the in-game credit earning also needs to be slow enough to encourage people to spend real money on the store as well, because the cosmetics that go into the store cost money to develop. Not sure exactly where that balance point is, but 10 credits per daily and 20-30 per weekly sounds about right to me.

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Replace the Sprint button with a second piece of Equipment. That means Sprint goes back to being a map pick-up. It’s not for balance or competitive reasons, just for more Custom Games possibilities.

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Could you not increase the default speed of X team?
It would require forge but you use to be able to create barriers that affected X team with X effect etc.

I’m not sure what you’re planning and forge isnt a think so it’s hard to say. Back in reach though sprint was the only thing I used lol

My one wish would be for this site and the subreddit to return to some sort of normalcy and not the same insane complaint posts over and over. But that’s just me.

Playable elites, it’s stupid not to have them.


To be able to have objective in its own ranked playlist…


Mine would probably be choosing what mode you play. It’s annoying to have to pay for so much stuff, but it is not required. I hate getting oddball and only oddball with a few capture the flag matches sprinkled inbetween.

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There’s some stuff like having Thrusters and Grapple at the same time to make Sword duels more skill-based I wanted to try, but the lack of a “Fast Swipe” and two equipment at once is kind of making the dumber modes I have harder than I want.

My wish? I wish that 343 Industries gives a little love to the Mark VII armor core.

Poor thing doesn’t even have gloves…

For me, it’s that I wish for the campaign to be serious military science fiction, like Reach. I can tell from the campaign trailers it is more in the cheesy over the top realm, but a feller can hope.

I would really love to see a campaign that matches the seriousness of Reach, and that is a cinematic, fully formed narrative experience. I’ve had no indication that I should expect that, but damn it would be nice.

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+1 on a Halo Reach XP and customization system.
Don’t understand why this wasn’t implemented already, 343 continually makes the most poor decisions.

That they waited another year to finish all the features, core content, and “will this make the players angry?” questions answered.