"You have left the fireteam" glitch

Anyone else get constantly booted from games because of this glitch. I’ll be playing slayer or other game types and then it lags me out of multiplayer and sais “you have left the fireteam”. It does this every other game now it’s gotten worse since the last update and I haven’t been able to rank up now because of it. 343 please get it together I’m a huge fan of halo but lately I’ve run out of love for the one game I’ve played since my teenage years. It’s not just this one glitch but every game you guys release is riddled with problems. I thought that the beta and all the developers and early acces would help but you guys are constantly letting us fans down. MCC collection is still broken and so is Halo 5. I can’t help but feel like I’ve thrown $140 down the toilet. We trusted you with a franchise we loved and you keep dropping the ball. I miss the days when I’d spend my hard earned money for a products that worked. Please listen to us, the proof is in the sales. Back in the day when halo would be released it would break records and everyone would play because it worked. Bugs and glitches would be resolved in a timely manner not months later.

im having the same problem but it does it almost everygame like 3 out of 4 times it kicks me out and i do not have a clue of how to fix it

it’s happening to me also :confused: