You guys like when the game crashes and demotes you?

I sure do. Feels so good man. :upside_down_face:

Honestly whats the point of playing the game if it crashes so often on PC.

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AMD GPU? Heard there’s issues with that.

I personally haven’t had a single crash, but I’ve been running the game on mostly low settings with the HD textures disabled, this could be the reason I’m not getting any crashes.

I have hd textures off and low settings too,intel i7700

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I don’t get crashes, but stopped playing ranked because of the disconnects and demotions. Just useless.

A couple tips that I changed on my PC and have yet to have the game crash.

  1. Disable HD Textures
  2. Disable Steam Overlay.

I promise you in the last month+ I’ve yet to have a game crash.

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Its discouraging trying to grind but disconnect atleast 1 time out of 10 games

You mentioned your CPU being Intel, but not your GPU. Your GPU is your graphics card and there’s known issues with AMD graphics cards. Also disable ALL overlays you have as it’s known to cause crashes as well. This includes the Steam in game overlay which is enabled in Steam’s settings by default. Also discord I believe has the overlay enabled by default. Same with any fps counters/performance statistics apps.

GPU is nvidea. Im going to disable the steam overlay now