You guys are awsome!

This doesn’t have anything to do with gameplay everyone so if your looking for violent things don’t look at this. Now that that’s over with I want to get to the main topic of this blog, thank you all halo creators! You may be thinking “wow what a noob” but I had to say it sometime! I just want to say how even though at first I didn’t trust 343 with my precious baby(halo) I think they did a great job. Even when bungie made halos they did an awesome job, so I just want to say you guys(and girls) are awesome!

GhostTW312 and hopefully all the other awesome gamers in the halo universe

Well put. A very unpopular opinion to say the least but I couldn’t agree more!

It’s okay. Unpopular or not. I think it was right to post it.

Well said! I feel the same way and I feel like I cannot express it anywhere on this forum these days. In fact I don’t care what company manages Halo as long as I can play.

I wish the topics on here were more friendly besides the OT because 90% of the topics on this forum, people are just looking to troll, complain and argue.


-yoink- yea!!
like he said, I may not fully trust 343i but I think they did an awesome job on 4!
and I don’t fully trust them because they are new to me…im sure if they keep hittin us with games like that, well learn to love them