You did it 343...Congrats

You delivered.

And not just delivered: you guys delivered big time. Thanks. And well done.

It may not be the best looking game on any console, but the best looking 360 game? Sure, I’ll hand it to you guys.

The new art direction looks great.
The new graphics look great.
Multiplayer maps being made from scratch = awesome!
Chief’s look: great.
BR: great.
Sound: OMG!
Music: Marty…man, you did great…but I don’t think I’m going to miss you. WOW!

Really, there is nothing I didn’t like in that video. The part with Chief in the Warthog: so incredibly impressive, I really couldn’t believe that was actual gamepaly at first.

And then the whole multiplayer part.

Yes 343: you convinced me.
And I doubt anybody can have any real negatives to say about what you guys just showed us. Hype meters all across the world just jumped from 0-10-ish to 100% I bet. Mine did at least!

Here’s some info from Joystiq.
In short:

  • Wraparound (the Forerunner map) is located in a Shield World
  • Warhorse is set in a Mech building facility and appearantly is similar in concept to Sword Base.
  • Sprint is in. Not confirmed to be standard or as an “AA” (for the lack of a better term)
  • No Health packs
  • No Dual Wielding

> According to 343, Halo 4 will add customizable loadouts and abilities that are unlocked through a progression system.

  • Appearantly there will be no Beta. Too bad.

Better look at the BR from first person, as well as the new HUD

BR appears to be able to shoot single rounds this time? Just look at that bullet trail

I know it got me pumped instantly. I’ve already flooded my facebook and sent texts to all my buddies to tell them we have to be ready for the drop. Lol

Heck yes! Love it!

Wow this is it.

Halo is new again. Amazing.

Looks seriously amazing! 343 have defiantly done an amazing job. visually its great, but that audio…just stunning!!

“weapons, vehicles and enemies have been updated graphically”

so, flood and/or covenant confirmed?

dude i had the biggest B0NER right now from it!

Man Im so happy right now! Halo is back baby!

It is going to be great!! :smiley:

OMG looks amazing
cant wait for the holidays

I was sold as soon as I saw spartans gracefully moving through the air…

Looks like freedom of movement has returned

Interesting stuff; return of the br, sprint, lack of bloom (at least on the br), a decent jump height (assuming that’s default game play), a reason for blues to fight reds? spartan 4s, etc etc ETC. there’s just so much new information.

Very very interesting, thank you 343 for finally letting us sneak a peak.


It isn’t without its bad spots:

-Progression and Unlock system

Sounds like Halo 4 will not be the perfect Halo we expected. Still waiting for final judgement.

Literally the only thing I “don’t like” are the Spartan IV’s.
I mean, the whole concept of S4’s is lame to me, and they also look completely lackluster. But whatever, I mean we can still change their looks so we don’t have to look at those helmets all the time :slight_smile:

Halo is back baby! About to go put 30 or so dollars more down on my already pre-ordered copy to hold a spot for the legendary edition

Looks insane ,Props.
But the no Beta makes me mad :wink:

Honestly had to change my pant 3 times after the video…excuse me whilst i do so again…
AMAZING!!! <33333333333333333333333333333

NO HEALTH PACKS! Shields are back baby!

> It isn’t without its bad spots:
> -AAs
> -Loadouts
> -Progression and Unlock system
> Sounds like Halo 4 will not be the perfect Halo we expected. Still waiting for final judgement.

I wouldn’t call Loadouts bad. Esspecially not when it’s only a choice in starting weapon. I mean, if it has just 1 load out (BR/pistol for instance) for Team Slayer and SWAT etc, there is nothing wrong with it. Whereas something like Invasion and Firefight need load outs. Same goes for BTB.
If implemented right, there is nothing wrong with it.

AA’s: same idea. I mean, I don’t like them THAT much. But if redone etc, and put in the right places of the game it could work (again: Firefight for instance!)

Progression and Unlock system: lets just wait and see.

After 10 years (11 when H4 comes out) I am ready for changes like that. It doesn’t instantly mean this is CoD in space. Not at all.

THAT LOOKS TOTALLY WICKED!!! The one thing i wish is that they brought back dual weilding though… Rest in peice, mauler+smg combo…