You can't make balanced teams let alone a game FFS

343 why cant you make the game have balanced teams for fks sake!?
Is it really that hard? If this trivial problem is hard for you, maybe you shouldn’t be developing one of the largest xbox games in existence?

Assuming you have a class setup for players I’m sure a simple code like this would fix the issue…

#include <xbox_api>

using namespace -Yoink!-;

int main()

int team1, team2 = 0;
int success = 0;
int total_players = 0;

while(success != 1)
if (player.join = true && team1 != 4)

else if (team2 != 4)


if(team1 && team2 == 4)
success = 1;
//just a check to make sure everything went well
if(total_players != 8)
return 1;

return 0;

If the function returns anything but a 0 you ABORT THE GAME!
Stop letting me play 2v5 -Yoink!- matches…