You can run out of daily challenges

Just ran out of the 50xp daily challenges. SMH :man_facepalming:
How slow do they really want us to level. Talk about drip feed content. This halo game will have less then the last one….

This whole model just makes it so people have to buy levels. I can buy level 100 today but I can’t play my way to it today I have to artificial wait to gain the xp to get it

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… that means you have played like 50 matches in a day.

Which means on dailies alone he/she/they would’ve levelled up 2 & a half times.

yeh not a good idea to try and corral how a player plays the game when it comes to progression.

You should be able to play as many matches as you want and keep leveling. Even a seemingly high cap like 50 matches shouldn’t be present if people want to keep grinding.

If people want to grind the entire battle pass in a weekend that’s fine IMO.

There are no perks or game advantages that come from it.

:100: % if they want to sell levels great I don’t care, I just don’t understand why we have to cap already slow xp gains

Is it really that slow? I mean depends on your definition. I would say it is slow if you could only get to level 50 by the next battle pass but it’s already going quick. I’m level 13 or 14 already and it’s not even been a full week. I reckon I’ll be level 100 in less than two months and I’m certainly not playing 50 games a day.

We will also have 30 tiers of the Fracture event to grind out as well.

afk xp farming with random inputs on rng intervals.

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It mainly feels slow due to the distribution of the XP, while being equal across all available dailies, makes it feel like a drag when you’re effectively getting the same amount of XP for the same amount of matches overall, it just “Looks” better, when in reality its just a repaint at best.

hopefully this will be changed in the future.

Im worried that the Fracture BP will take XP you’d earn from the challenges, like the Point system for the MCC Battlepasses, which…isnt favourable in the case of Halo Infinite this time, especially with certain elements like coatings and visors being restricted to the armour cores.

The thing is 50 matches at 10 minutes per match is well 500 minutes in game. at 60 minutes per hour. that is almost 6 hours a day just playing the game.

Even I don’t have the will to play that long in a day. and that is just if you are playing standard match maker, if you are playing BTB it is around 15 to 20 minutes per match.

Ran into a few of those, thankfully they are mostly in bot matches. They seem to just jitter left and right and fire their gun but not move from spawn.