You can get a refund for the CEA maps.

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I -Yoink- you not, here is a quote from a friend of mine that explains the predicament we are all in.

> We are devastatingly aware of what the August Matchmaking update did to Reach, it was so bad to the fact that we can get refunded. I [-Yoink-] you not, let me explain.
> When Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary was released, it fulfilled what it was officially said to do by developers, Microsoft, and the very back of the game case itself. What it did was give us online matchmaking access to all six maps and have up to 16 players in a matchmaking map.
> With the August MM update we can no longer play all the maps in matchmaking nor have 16 players in matchmaking on those maps. 343 Industries has now failed to deliver what was officially promised by them and Microsoft. The fact they once DID doesn’t matter, Anniversary/Reach is the current Halo game and the players no longer get what was promised.
> If you want to be reimbursed in the form of MS points I bet you that you can get ahold of an employee on live chat on, explain the problem, and they’ll refund you. I’m doing this right now.