You booted me... REALLY!!!!

Okay, so last night I was playing a game of Lighting CTF. I was having a good game lots of kills, low deaths, and lots of time as the carrier along with some good defense. We were winning and only needed one more score to win. we were playing Haven and were underneath heading towards the open end of the map where the flag spawns when their flag carrier ran out from behind the hanging pillars so I shot him and at the same time I did that our flag carrier rounded the corner and I panicked and pulled the trigger and betrayed him, instant boot! there was not even a second and I was gone from the game…

So I stayed with it even though I was raging as to why I would get booted. Got into another Lighting CTF game and it was the same map and I went got the flag went underneath made it to the ramp on the open end was completely in the clear to score the flag and my teammate shot me took the flag and scored, and it acknowledged the betrayal but did not give me the option to boot…

WHAT IS THAT??? how come I accidently betray someone coming around a corner and panic shot and got booted but when I am in the clear my team mate shoots me in the clear and scores the point I get no option…

I raged when I got booted… I went nuclear after I was not given the option. Its frustrating…

So maybe someone out there understands the booting system and can explain it to me, because it is not making sense to me.

I think that the system looks at your total betrayals over a set time and if you have betrayed before over that set time, such as a day or week, then when you betray someone they get the option to boot immediately. If you don’t betray often then you get a chance as it could have been an accident. I think that is how it works at least.

I’ve felt that these complicated systems are over complicated and subject to issues like yours way too much. They should have just put a system where you get one chance per game, the first time you betray you’re let off the hook in case it was an accident. The second time you betray they get the option, regardless of the circumstances.

I say that’s what they (343) need to do would make more halo.

Was playing with 2 friends and I killed the randy twice accidently

Thing was, I was the one with the most kills/caps yet he booted me to be an -Yoink-

I found out they lost even though we were up 4-2

Such silliness

Yeah same here.

I killed an enemy player on simplex but I hit my ally the same time. (across the map)
I already killed a ally by acident.
Got booted.

I had around the 900 points and I scored 3 flags.
Come on when I get betrayed I watch the kill cam and I can see if it is a acident or not.

im gonna take a blind guess here guys as i’ve not even seen the boot option in halo 4, but is it mapped to the quick spawn button like all the halos before?

maybe they are just pressing X and the boot option was there.

> Come on when I get betrayed I watch the kill cam and I can see if it is a acident or not.

You’re assuming a maturity in decision making that’s often not there. I also find newer players don’t have the experience to make a judgement call like that. The older, more experienced players understand that accidents happen.

To think, people complained and were all up in arms when friendly fire was disabled. The betrayal system from Reach carried over. Nothing was fixed. Looks like 343 needs to disable it again.

I feel your pain, the betrayal booting is annoying. On CTF I boosted after this enemy who was going after the flag using a ghost, and then some idiot decided it would be a good idea to charge in from the side. I had no time to decelerate, I just ended up “betraying” him and got booted.

There should be a system that measures how long it was since an enemy came into your view before you fired, how long an ally came into your view before you fired, the path your vehicle was using to reach an enemy, and all that stuff to determine whether the betrayal was intentional or not.

And to keep things on the safe side, it should only offer the boot option after you intentionally betray 3 times.

Why is friendly fire even on in Lightning CTF, of all gametypes?

I have not played variants where you can get betrayals in until last Friday and that was my first betrayal. The system sucks…

the one thing that they should have pulled from COD is the friendly fire. You shot a friendly that damage is delt to you and you die. imagine in what Halo has become vehicles would just become driverless all the time. I have been in so many games where a tank has shot at me to get the kill or a banshee bomb hits me…

FF should be off in most game types or close to all.
I’ve never had too many betrayals but I’ve been killed for power weapons, ect.
H3 is where most of my Betrayals were the most annoying.

Example: Splazer to a mongoose with two riders and my Ally hog drives into my beam then boots me at least 5 seconds after.

H4 I’ve only been booted once or twice for accidental betrayals.

Ask them to disable betrayal booting in Lightning CTF.

Team Action Sack Feedback

you can get booted in halo 4?

> you can get booted in halo 4?

Yes, I was playing CTF yesterday, crouching by our flag, waiting for the blue team to come, one of my own teammates betrayed me and I booted his stupid -Yoink-.

Reminds me of my very first betrayal in Halo: Reach…I got booted. First betrayal ever in the game and I got booted, it was accidental too I was speeding on a mongoose and had ran into a team mate I didn’t see.

Lightning CTF is a great place to get your Betrayal commendation.

Yeah, Grifball needs friendly fire disabled badly. Too many randoms like hammering anything that moves.

> Lightning CTF is a great place to get your Betrayal commendation.

lol actually, grifball is better to that ‘‘commendation’’ XD