You Blew It Up...Help

need some help getting my last achievement…i can help others get theirs…msg me

i dont understand why you can’t get it?

i can get it i just need a bunch of other players who have the noble 1 dlc…you need 16 players…other than that it is near impossible to find a party randomly searching in invasion.

I can help you need 6 people each with a control I have one

i have 2 controllers…if your are in then we need 4 more people…i can also help others with their achievements if needed.

I’m in, each player can only have one guest though.
GT LordXemnas XIII

great…if you can try to round up other players…this friday we will try to get this done…i will keep looking for players as well…i will msg anyone who drops their gt.

Sweet sounds good I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

If you see me online invite me. I’ll join up to help.

I’m down, I need this achievement as well along with most of the defiant ones. I have plenty of controllers. Send me a message on xbox gt is Turbo Boostt.

I would like to help but unfortunately my XBL ran, I will be getting it again soon though, hopefully in time to help you guys out.

Who ever wants to get the achievement I am online and unfortunately I don’t have a mic my roommate lost it in the mail but send me a message and I will start a lobby.

I am online now send me a message people I’ve got two other guys at the moment online who are willing to help. Gt is Turbo Boostt.

i will be online today…i will send a msg to everyone…