You Blew It Up! achievement help

Due to a lack of DLC playlists, the only way I see getting this achievement is to make a party of 12 people all with the Noble Map Pack. I am currently in the Matchmaking Lobby, so if you need the achievement or you’re just willing to help please feel free to join! Just send me a friend request, my gamertag is MstrChiefAlexEd. Remember, you must also have the Noble Map Pack to help and earn the achievement.

EDIT: I wont be in the Matchmaking Lobbby or playing Halo at times like now, so just send me the friend reuests and we will assemble ASAP.

Play some Squad DLC, it’s in there too. :slight_smile:

It is? I thought Squad DLC is purely Slayer gametypes and no objective.

So far, we only have two people including myself. More people would be appreciated, I didn’t expect the progress to go this slow lol.

I’m look to get “All Alone” AND “You Blew It Up”.

…so I’m game.

i’m in too :slight_smile:

Hey, guys can i join your party because i need to get the achievemnt you blew it up and you ate all the chips kk because i am a little short of points so i am going to buy the dlc map this weekend, my name is my gt talk to me what is going to happen beaucse i want to complete these damm achiements and also you are short of people

Im up for this, haven’t been able to play A single game on that map.

Squad DLC has Invasion Breakpoint in it.

So we have six people, we need 6 more then we can discuss a time

Count me in!!!

Yeah and also count me in two. I already have “You Ate All The Chips” and now I’m just keen to even out my gamerscore. GT : Elli007cr Thanks :wink:

I’m down for this! I have about 4 or 5 more achievements left and I really need this one!
For some reason breakpoint never shows up when I’m in matchmaking.

I would be willing to help out…I’ve been trying to get this achievement for so long!

count me in i need you blew up acheviment to
gt avcusa2000 send me a friend request

Hey gents.
Is anyone still on this thread still interested in getting this achievement?

Hit me up. GT: ZSoulArmorX17

I’m still intrested in getting the achievement “You blew it up”. I got 3 controllers. Just add me “Andrutt” on Xbox Live.