You be playing Campaig or Multiplayer first>?

I will be straight into Multiplayer. What about you?

Campaign. I will not touch multiplayer until I’ve beaten it.

My friends and I have that tradition of playing campaign first

Campaign first always gotta take the story in first before multiplayer.

campaign is a must. then forge. then custom games or matchmaking, then spartan ops.

Few games of multiplayer, then campaign. Then switching between them on whatever I feel like playing.


If you’re not playing campaign first, you’re definitely missing out. Especially because the surprises in campaign as far as vehicles and maybe weapons go will be ruined.

Campaign on Legendary with one of my bestfriends that I have played Co-op with on every game with Co-Op, I can’t wait to play the game now, I might have my dislikes with the game, and come across as “a complainer” but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the game, Because I really am looking forward to the game!

Campaign… im so mad lol some stupid kid was trolling me on YouTube and bribed me to give him the ending link or else he wouldnt stop trolling me-.- it amazes me how lame some ppl can be that they would spoil the ending for themselfs

Spartan Ops the best of both worlds. Probably one episode and it’s off to campaign.

Campaign. But I will certainly have a look at multiplayer before I finish it.

Options first :stuck_out_tongue:

Campaign, but I’ll be checking out menus and stuff like that.

1.) Forge.
2.) Campaign.
3.) Spartan Ops and then everything else.

I’ll customize my Spartan IV and then head straight into the campaign.

> 1.) Forge.
> 2.) Campaign.
> 3.) Spartan Ops and then everything else.

Campaign, then some Multiplayer, and then Spartan Ops. Simple as that.

Campaign of course!

Campaign of course.