You are not being "farmed"

When you have a base and the enemy team is trying to cap that base. You are not being farmed. 343 has implemented respawn inside a base when it is being contested. You have to spawn kill to cap a base now. Thank 343 for that respawn that got you spawn killed. The other team was trying to push the objective at the time.

If you are being contained in your armory while the enemy team is eliminating a legendary boss. You are not being farmed. The other team is focusing attention on you to lower the chance of a boss steal and so they can complete the objective.

If you are triple capped and the enemy team is making attempts to get shots on the core you are not being farmed.

If you are quick cored you were Not farmed. It’s the exact opposite.

Most teams don’t farm kills. Some still do but they are far and few between.

I run solo, and I run in a team. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Ive seen hate messages sent out for farming after we cored their team in 4 minutes. And we’re not even good.

Sore losers are a much bigger problem than farming right now. Accusing someone of farming has become and excuse to send hateful messages and spitefully report someone for winning a game.

I have over a month of gametime. I’ve been farmed 3 times. Once was a 20 minute horror story that I vented on waypoint about. Once we managed to break out after about 5 minutes of being pinned by one of the Mexican clans, took out all the AI they left up (a lot). Double capped them and won on points. And the third, more recent time we were able to once again break out, triple cap them, got the core down to 10% before they recapped and barely won. But we made a game out of it.

Losing and being farmed are just not One in the same. Too many sore losers.

Please, keep conversations in their threads.