You an ODST? Join the 901st!!!

The 901st Shock Troops Battalion is a fairly new (a little more than 8 months old) Halo-specific clan recruiting all mature, non-squeaky dedicated Halo players. We span across the Xbox 360 Halo community, playing Halo 3, ODST, Wars, Reach, and soon, 4.
We have a ranking system based off the official USMC ranking system, 8 divisions (Soldier, Recon, Close Quarters, Demolitions, Sniper, Spec Ops, Commando, and Air Force), are Central Outpost approved, and have some sweet forge maps.
We aren’t too strict, meaning you don’t have to change your gamertag, armor, or emblem, but if you wish that is perfectly fine.
Not sure yet or have any questions? Just check out Wanna battle? Send shmelly pitz a message. Hope to go feet first with you soon!!!

So if you guys are an ODST clan, do you guys just wear ODST armor in the games? It’s cool that you guys a helljumpers but can you maybe give a bit more information? I would like to hang out with some of the members to see if the one for me, if it’s ok with you.

Hey, I have a small military based clan of 4 people, myself included. My clan is called the 101st Airborne Assault Division and we specialize in airborne combat, mainly flying Banshees and falcons. We try to use stealth when possible and use falcons and jetpacks to drop behind enemy lines, we also try to use snipers and active camo when possible. I was wondering if your clan needs an ally. We are a small clan but I handpicked the members depending on their skill. Thnxs.

I forgot to mention I am an ODST. My clan also does a fair amount of ODST related operations so if your interested in having an ally pls message me on Xbox live.

To SepiaAnt8071: We are mainly helljumpers, but we do bear other armor permutations, such as Recon, Scout, Air Assault, and Security, specific to divisions. For more info check out our website: If you want to contact me, send me a friend request on xbl. My gt is shmelly pitz, but you may have to wait a couple days for a response seeing that conditions aren’t the best right now.

To Schatzl86: I will happily accept your offer to be allies.To make this official, I will send you a friend request on xbl and put your clan’s name in our partners list on the About Us page of our website.

Thank you both and will talk to you soon!