Yoroi Armor Core Sparseness/ General Lack of Armor Options

I have been playing Infinite’s Beta for the past week or so and have been thoroughly enjoying the gameplay loop. That being said, it is no secret that the bountiful collection of armor and customization options and customization advertised prior to launch seems to be severely lacking. The Mk VII core has painfully few options in general and with a good majority of them stuck behind shop purchases, the lingering few on the pass feel even more like an under-delivery of the expectations set.

That being said, it seems the armor options were spread across the three cores viewable at launch with hopefully more to come in the future. On top of that, I can wrap my head around the problems brought on by the pandemic placing a significant strain on asset development so with that in mind, the situation feels understandable. This combined with the pretty decent amount of armor available for the Mk V core, I was hopeful to see what the future held

I must admit I am somewhat underwhelmed with the current options available in the Fractures event. The main point of notice that bothers me is that the first ever armor options for the Yoroi core we saw back in some of the multiplayer trailers are completely missing despite also being plastered over the in-game screenshots representing the event. It comes off as assets intentionally being withheld from the game which, if true, is hugely disappointing.

Customization has always been one of my favorite additional aspects of the game especially since the armor options released in 3. Infinite has brought one of my favorite art style directions for MJOLNIR I have seen to date and I truly hope we get to see floods of other armor types to come in the near future.

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