Does anyone else find it annoying when you land an assassination, but then a teammate has to pull the ultimate d*ck move and purposely steal it? It really just ruins the gameplay experience for me in a way. Just like being betrayed does. Please join me so 343 will see this

It sucks, but only rarely happens to me. Actually the last time it happened I had to laugh about it because it was fairly amusing. I was almost through the animation when a random just sauntered up, shot my victim in the face, and just kept moving on.

I really don’t see it as enough of a problem to have it changed IMO.

I did it by accident, I was in such a zone of firing at an enemy. I was trying to apologize to the guy but he ran off lol

So then just do a beat down. If you want to be a show off, deal with the people who don’t want to see you show boating.

They should add a medal for when that happens. “Pinned down: get the victim of your assasination killed by a teammate”
That way at least you get a medal.

If there are enemies nearby ill yoink you every time.