-Yoink- you ban hammer

Ya know after 16 years of playing all the halos it’s funny that you’ve yet to fix matchmaking, so I quit because you continuesly match me with rediculous players, be it inexperienced, not playing or whatever it might be, it’s the same -Yoink- over and over again. Ya know I try and love me some halo, pretty much the only game I’ve ever played. I mean seriously, little to no other games played by me since I first picked up a controller. And yes if I’m in a game and I’m getting upset because matchmaking decided to put me in a match where I’m joining a team thats not even trying to do anything in oddball and there’s a couple minutes left and it’s 0 to 170 at this point geuss -Yoinking!- what, after trying a few times I’m gonna throw myself off the side of the map out of frustratation. Now what do I get for your stupid -Yoink- you continuesly give me, oh the -Yoink- banhammer, how damn funny. Seriously over this crap, my girlfriend ask me just now why I get upset over this stupid game, I’m over here like, I can’t help it, I’ve literally been playing this game for 16 years now, it’s personal for me, and shes like what’s that game done for you but give you grief and it hits me, she’s right this game hasn’t done anything for me but give me grief, lol and it’s funny cause I’ve so totally poured endless amounts of money into this game, it’s -Yoinking!- sad really cause I have nothing to show for it but being pissed out all the time over your all’s inability make halo a great playable game like it’s supposed to be, I can’t even imagine y’all even play your own game in multiplayer or you would immediately see what I’m talking about. Anyways, end rant, take your banhammer and go -Yoink- yourselves, not that you care remotely but you’ve lost a very long time halo supporter and player. I said good day sir!

Your Fault, you Quit, you get a ban, & you quit over noobs, thats pathetic, deal with the team you have and play the match, no need to have a cry over a Banhammer when you quit

Okay. Enjoy your new pursuits!

On the off chance that you’re just being expressive and aren’t actually quitting Halo, there’s a ban thread in the H5 support section.