-Yoink- rep for no reasons ?

So, I just discovered that my xbox 360 reputation is at 6 , which makes no sense because :

  • I never turn my mic on and thus nobody ever hears me speak - I never kill others to get their weapons or any like that , I just occasionaly kill one of my allies by accident like everyone else - I never send hateful comments - I have left games only a handfull of times in around 7 years - I dont -Yoink!- peopleThere is literally no good reasons to indicate me as an annoying person . The only explaination that I have found is that people did this out of rage because I killed them too many times during a match ( which is a pretty damn immature reason ). It this common , or am I just unlucky ?

Head here http://enforcement.xbox.com/home/reputation and see what people are reporting you for.