-Yoink- halo 5 and its stupid physics engine

Why is it that when i splatter a spartan with a -Yoinking!- ghost ultra i do a -Yoinking!- damn back flip in the air and have to remount my ghost only to get shot down. i dont have the req card for the ultra but i got lucky and got one in a daily pack for the first time. only to save it for when needed. i use these things when a game needs a turn around bc its cut throat close but noooooo -Yoink- it i can only get one kill if i choose to splatter someone when the moment seems fit other wise i just use its guns. at least tell us that ghosts arent meant to splatter anymore. would be much easier if i knew id be screwing myself over. not only did i flip over but i was in a brand spanking new ultra and someone in front of me had a pretty much one shot ghost. Guess who got to kill who? ill give u a hint. not my flipped over -Yoink- -_-

Yeah, at the moment the splatter mechanics are almost non existent.

Oh ffs…

*closes thread.

Why would you try to splatter someone with a vehicle that shoots explosive balls of death?
Anyway, Ghost Ultra’s are overrated. They seem invincible at first but the moment bits start falling off, they start falling off fast. Even with small arms fire!

The splattering mechanics in Halo 5 are seriously broken. No offence 343

Taps a Spartan with a Mongoose at 0.5MPH

Knocks his shields out and health down to half.

Something isn’t right here… we’re either using super dense paper armoured vehicles or the quality of Spartan-IVs and their armour has gone down drastically.

I was playing Battle Of Noctus the other day and I was on the long bridge/catwalk thing and there was this wraith ultra below me. So I decide to be Leroy Jenkins and just ground pound the thing so I can get close enough to board it. I ground pound the wraith, which is moving along the ground ( not boosting ) and I get splattered as soon as I hit the wraith. I mean, what is this people?!

I get splattered by ghosts all the time… yet when I try to do it my ghost bounces off them as if they were made of concrete. Same happens when I spartan charge, I think it’s a latency issue.