-Yoink- CSR

CSR doesn’t work. Plain and simple. Yesterday I was in plat 5, today I am in plat 2, 1 loss away from plat 1 again, I am not the best player, but unless if we have clearly lost, or i start off slow, I am positive and in first on the team. I could do better against 4 by myself than with whoever I get matched with. Please make a rank matching system.

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Yes, the ranking system is a HUGE disadvantage for those of us who don’t always play with the same group of good players. Since it’s only based on wins and not personal stats per game you are at the mercy of the matchmaking to end up where you do. Example: I started SWAT with some amazing games including a K/D of 15.7 and the rest averaging around 2 or more, but, being stuck on a losing team most of the time ended me in the GOLD 1 tier BUT my friend who averaged his first 10 games with a K/D of 0.25 landed in the Platinum 1 series because he lucked out and was always on a team that carried him. So, there is no way to reset you rank, but once you get stuck on a losing team enough times your CSR will go down. Even if you stats are low but continue to play with a winning team it’s only going to get harder and harder for you since all those wins will continue to raise your CSR.