-Yoink- 343, and this banhammer -Yoink-.

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This is some straight -Yoink-, I’ve never quit a game in my life, EVER! I’ve played 1v4 and went negative 20 and didn’t quit. Now I’m getting a -Yoinking!- banhammer bcuz I get kicked out of a game. My whole team of 4 got removed from the game and we all get a banhammer for 6 hours.
-Yoink- 343, -Yoink- THIS STUPID -Yoink- MATCHMAKING RULES WITH THE BANHAMMER, AND -Yoink- THESE SO CALLED “DEDICATED HOST”. Ban people who bought your game waited in lines and supported you through that sorry -Yoink- MC COLLECTION, that is still a -Yoinking!- joke. Ban the people who make your -Yoinking!- job possible. -Yoink- -Yoinks!-.

being afk can get you banned to

Thats a lot of Yoinks

Sheesh! Good riddance.

OP seem just like the kind of person to get banned.

Guys be honest though the banning is pretty flawed

I’ve seen a lot of people posting about being banned for no reason, but I find it hard to believe every single one of them is completely innocent.