Yo. 343. Is this possible?

Can they implmant the training dummies like in Black ops. I mean i would love to host a custom game and if we have like, 2 player i could add in another 2 dummies. So is that possible to do or would you have to send out a whole new game disc.

the game engine has never been designed to support bots. it may be fun, but the AI is designed for a better campaign. notice how in CoD the AI sucks. thats why they are able to make bots.

They would need to send out a new disk, they could program the AI to do such but it wouldn’t good at all.

Something to suggest for Halo 4.

Yes i would love for this to happen. 343 please put this in Halo 4. The AI in blackops combat training were strong as hell. Difficulties could be Easy Normal Herioc Legendary.

Training AIs are not good and would be a waste of time. They should spend more time on Campaign and Firefight AIs, the only good thing about AIs in MP is that you could test out your maps but imagine having to code for that. 343i should spend more time on the important parts of Halo 4 and add it in if they can.