Yo 343, Halo MCC mod support for console? Maybe?

Yo so who else is wanting mod support for Halo MCC on Xbox like they finally added Mouse and Keyboard support so maybe they can add my mod support because I don’t know about you but I wanna play these maps and game modes like extinction or maybe the flood campaigns for Halo CE or even the covenant campaigns hell even to just have AI in forge would be fun of course there are the public multiplayer issues but whatever the PC version has to prevent that they can do it for Xbox just a thing I’ve wanted maybe have a site or something for mods like bethesda has for their games a whole mod section in the menu to browse for mods on the game

I would definitely use some rebalance mods for Halo 3.

Yeah mod support would be the best. I’m stuck on xbox and I REALLY want flyable frigates, pelicans, etc. But what I really want, is Extinction. Please 343 add mod support to Xbox please!

I want to give this a little bit of a bump.

Not just for console support; but if we could get an in game mod manager / store similar to file share that would be great.

Make it easy for mod teams to upload or share perhaps using GitHub, XML file to define paths and changes.

Dude I’d totally be down for console mods. it works for Fallout and skyrim ok so why not Halo

Just as long as we don’t have to pay for them.

I could support this, but I really don’t see 343 following through on console mod support, especially since they have basically provided zero mod support for PC until recently, and its only CE they even provided PC mod tools for.

Yesss please I would love it seems like they are shifting their love towards pc but their origin is xbox please give console more love!!!

I don’t know if we’d get mods on consoles for MCC. Fallout and Skyrim had approved mods but I don’t think 343 would devote the manpower to approve mods while Infinite is so close.

Once infinite is released, this should most definitely be a feature they focus on. It would add another layer to custom games that halo’s never had