Yet another specialization thread

Gamertag: Emptied
YES, I played the game while connected to Xbox LIVE before 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Time on November 20, 2012
YES I am over 17
YES I live in the US

I played on the 19th of November and never got an unlock code. Since I hit 70 last night I’d like to have another fruitful week of playing and not feel like I have to shelve this game for lack of motivation. I want my specializations :slight_smile:

I’d have posted in the other thread but I can’t get the ‘jump to page’ bit to take me to the end, and I think it’s maybe a closed thread or something now.

You will find a few topics already open for discussion on the matter and you will find the answers to your troubles here:

It may not be as tardy as you’d like but your remedy is forthcoming.