Yet another entry...


For the love of all that is holy FIX YOUR SPAWNS. Playing super fiesta I woke not once, not twice, but six different times with the enemy already staring at me or right behind me on rat trap.

You are playing 5v5 on maps made for 4v4 max. The spawns won’t be safe, that’s part of the chaos of fiesta.

Admittedly, this is a bit annoying, but doesn’t happen to me all that often where I am concerned about it getting fixed… sounds like you’ve just had a lot of bad luck! I played Super Fiesta for a couple of hours last night and it did happen to me once, but that was it (spawned, exploded before I took a step forward from an incinerator cannon I assume was meant for a teammate in the same area as me).

As pointed out the issue is mainly they made it 5v5 when it really should be just 4v4.

I think it’s the map itself even on empire a smaller map I don’t have this issue. Maybe the odd one but not multiple times in a row.

There are spawn safeguards that are turned off to accelerate the spawn time. As pointed out there’s more than 4 people per team. I’d rather take a unstoppable death once and awhile vs waiting a full 20-30 seconds until enough people are dead and the game says “ok it’s safe here” to respawn every single time.