Yet Again kills not counting!!!!

It hard enough to get Scorpion kills nowadays, then when you do they dont count.
it seems that Meleeing a Scorpion doesn’t count as a kill. As I’ve now pummeled 4 Scorps and NOT ONE has counted!

Just played KOTH on Longbow, and it also said I had zero time in the hill, yet I somehow managed to get a Hill+5 and a Hill+10 medal!

This isn’t the first instance the game is riddles with kills not counting, i keep a Spreadsheet of all kills and commendations, and I update it after the games and I know when they dont update its frequent say 1 in 5 games has a kill that doesn’t register, even though you get the medal. Whats the point in the commendations when they dont reflect a true state of what youve killed.

Please fix the Scorpion Melee.