Yes Yes Yes SO much YES ! (response to MOR)

You really hit the nail on the head with infection 343 ! Praise is defiantly all I can give you with almost the entire MOR update (my only BIG beef being that there is no falcon or drones yet).

Here is what I mean in bullet form :
• Infection is almost prefect (take this from a veteran halo player) and it is FAINALY “scary” again. I get the “oooh -Yoink-” feeling when I know there are infected around me or chasing me ! Really good job ! - However spartans tend to camp on Crypt map.
• The forge ! Oh the forge ! I LOVE the additions with the dead bodies and the new special effects (I mean COME ON SLIPSPACE SFX !?) It is all amazing, you gave us three of each covenant to place (in different positions, awesome !) Also Really Nice add on with the expanded “grass” blocks.

  • Side note : Good with the Primitive blocks retrieving some love too (Talking about the simple versions of the primitives)
    • THE PLASMA RIFLE ! Need I say more ? (I don’t even care it wasn’t in reach, I am just glad it is back) !

ONLY THING’S TO FIX NOW before I am happy :
•Bring Drones to war zone and (note I said AND) to firefight
• Falcon (Period)