Yes yes, another post about other playable Species

So, I thought I’d bring up something relating to how customization could work for other species, Jiralhanae and Sangheili. There’s a multitude of questions and hiccups in how implimenting them into Infinite in a balanced way. This post isn’t about that though.

Now regarding how Spartans are getting armor cores this would work just the same as for Brutes and Elites. Across other Halo titles each of these two enemies, (and allies) have had very different designs. Traditional armor styles for the Elites would go off their designs from Halo 3 as kind of the definitive for the original trilogy. This would contain probably refreshed variants of armor that we’ve been able to use before. Mix and matching similar to how the Spartans are able to. Other armor cores would then contain the style of the Storm Covenant and Reach. Canon-wise this has been explained as these aliens having other races, or phenotypes within their species. The Elites could be capable of swapping their “skin” similar to the techsuit option we now have within MCC. Different variants would be available to make your character more unique. Hesduros Sangheili would look like the styles of Halo 4 and 5 and 2 Anniversary MP (their facial and skin designs being less saurian then previous games) and then both styles containing Reach and the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign styled Elites. Even the Ussans who look more “feral” and have been described to even have piercings within their mandibles. You could bunch in the Halo Wars appearances somewhere too. This would also work for the Brutes seperating the styles of how they appeared in Halo 2 and Reach. New Banished Variants should then be made to reflect the newly created models in Infinite’s campaign.

This is all just a list about how customization could be put in and obviously expanded on. Even if at first all the armor is uniform that’d be fine so long as you can have a little more player expression in how whether you’re a “shaved” brute, bearded, completely a mop etc. Recycling assets would also make this process completely easier and cut down development time. Other modes and features to Infinite should be priority first, but player expression should extend to those that in the past were given the choice to play as those lovable hinge-heads and maybe hopefully in the future, those hulking “apes”.

Please leave out anything regarding balancing for competitive blah blah as there is plenty of posts regarding that. Yes I know this would probably only be usable for custom games and maybe Social modes.