Yes The Battle Pass is bad HOWEVER

Spartans and Spartans, Odsts and marines let us PLEASE not forget the real issues Halo Infinite faces and that is its gameplay.
Mechanics and elements below need tostill be addressed more than ever and improved on:

  • The plasma pistol not emping vehicles
  • Strafe speed being too high with no momentum and proper inertia
  • Grenade Jumping/Blast radius that affects your direction in the air.
  • Player Collision : Bring it back…simple as that. Its causing MORE harm then good.
  • Radat issues: The worst Radar Ive had the displeasure of experiencing in any halo game.
  • Aim Assist - Xbox controller players seem to have some level of aim assist but PC controllers have none and no, the bug with the input is not the problem. The aim assist is too low on PC period.
  • PC crashes. This game is borderline unplayable on PC. It crashes randomly too much and ive tried all the fixes that I could find online. This especially is bad for ranked else i wouldve been a Diamond 3 or 4 by now man.
  • Vehicles : The Warthog accelerates too fast from starting position and feels floaty as if it was on ice.
    -Physics : You guys are getting better with the Hammer physics but they are there yet. Back to the grenades…can the force of the blast actually move you please? Why do the vehicles have more physics more than player models? Can the ragdollls be more distinct depending on the weapon? I firmly believe the Skewer should be NAILING YOU TO A WALL or a players body goes flying while being impaled by the skewer.

There are other miscellaneous things I am forgetting but these are the core ones I am concered about this game despite how trash the Battle Pass system is and that Im stuck with a default spartan. But if these issues can be addressed

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