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A more simplified functionable leaderboard idea combined with a couple cool innovative extras!
(See ideas 1 & 2 Below)
I want to see a 3 page world wide leader board.
Only 2 game modes will have this world wide leaderboard.

  1. Arena Slayer
  2. Break Out Arena
    (The only two Competitive modes)
    For example,
    Arena Slayer Will have it’s own stats leader board spacifically relating to standard arena slayer and all of it’s objective game types.
    Break Out will have ITS OWN world wide leader board for all of it’s game types.
    The leaderboard will only showcase the top 5000players on the planet for each game mode. It would show their K/D, W/L, their combined over all score, their gamertag, & what country they are from.
    To view the top 5000 players in Arena slayer, you will need to spacifically click on The world wide leader board option at main menu. Then click on the arena slayer stats option.
    For break out you will need to do the same.
    This is how it could be formatted:
    Main Menu Screen
    Scroll down to the bottom
    Click on World Wide LeaderBoard
    Page 1 =
    • Personal Win/Loss Ratio leaderboard
    Top 5000 shown
    (Click Right Bumper)
    Page 2 =
    • Personal K/D Leaderboard
    Top 5000 Shown
    (Click Right Bumper)
    Page 3 =
    • Overall player rating based on pages 1 & 2 combined. And the server would score each player and rank each player appropriately.
    Top 5000 Shown.
    This is nessesary because although I might have a higher K/D ratio than you
    YOU might have a higher W/L ratio than me.
    I might be sitting in at 2700th place in the world with my K/D
    You might be sitting at 3500th place with your K/D
    But you might be sitting higher on the ladder than me with the amount of games you win. You might be sitting in at 1800th place based on how many games u have won and I might be sitting in at 3000th place with how many I’ve won.
    So Based on the combined mathematics of both of the above, An over all score should be calculated that shows who the better player over all is.
    I might be a better killer but you might be a better team player.
    The leaderboard should only reveal the top 5000 players in the world, Their Gamertag & what nation they are from.
    IDEA 2:
    When you click on Arena Slayer as the game type you want to play, and your searching for players and searching for maps.
    It would be nice to see the top 10 Weekly Teams displayed somewhere on screen for that game type your in. And this top 10 leaderboard list would update on a weekly basis.
    Same thing would happen while waiting In the break out menu or loading screen.
    The weeks top 10 teams would be shown on screen somewhere during the searching for players or loading phase