Yellow vs Green

I am sure many are aware of the flag assassibation video. And though many responses Ive read towards it has been about the pistol wielding, and the assassination itself.

I couldnt help but notice that the colors were different. This could just be simple customization, but I think different about it. Sounds to me like CTF may be yellow vs green instead of the traditional red vs blue. What does everyone else think of that?

I honestly think its a interesting concept to bring different color schemes for different modes. Especially since each color will have a team name, why not try pushing it out? RvB for slayer gametypes and YvG for CTF gametypes. But what about other gametypes? New colors or also YvG for other objective gametypes like Assault?

Another interesting idea I had was that the color/team scheme was randomized somehow. Like RvY, GvB, and ehat not.

But one thing I would love for them to do is atleast have our secondary colors based our primaries like in Halo 2, but thats a bit iff topic…

Edit: as soon as I submitted, thats when a older topic of the same idea pops up. You gotta love that T_T

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