Yeah, um, I'm having a problem with premium battle.

Yeah, so, about a month ago I downloaded the two map packs noble and defiant and have played them fine. The night of CEA, I turn my 360 on, fire up reach and head straight for premium battle.

So I hit premium battle and it won’t let me into the MM pool because “one or more users do not have required maps” which is a lie because I can access them for custom games…

So I thought “okay maybe it’s just screwy because of the anniversary map pack that was just released” and so I went along having other server based issues.

Tonight I tried to enter premium battle again with no luck either. So I checked my maps and I can still access my custom games. WTH!?!?!?!!!11!

Help me please!

premium battle requires you to have ALL DLC, this includes anniversary.

@A Haunted Army

Okay, then that’s what I’ll do. I thought that was the problem. Thank you!

I have the same problem! @A Haunted Army You said Premium Battle needs all DLC including Anniversary it should say that because the description says only “Noble & Defiant DLC required.” 343i should change that ASAP.

The real problem is Premium Battle is still a playlist with 91 people in it.

Make DLC free!!! :slight_smile: