Yeah nice drop pod for rank now fix this

Now add re join for rank if u quit a game or just crashed give us the chance to join again u have so many competitive game that had that feature in there ranked playlist when are we goind to add that to halo

Next point u should add a CoDbo2 feature that if u wanted to play ranked u where forced out of party chat to comunicate with ur other teamates playing solo duo radio silent is a torture

Last advice
Smite has a feature that if u quit a game u can’t go back and search for another ge until the game u quited finishes … every time you try to play another match and the game u quited is still being played ur force to finish it the would help alot to combat the quiters on rank cuz most of them dont care about there rank and the 5 mins ban …

So before u rework your ranked sistem plz give us this quality of life improvements

Atleast the rejoin option …