Yappening is becoming more and more unplayable

20K? Is he on another planet or something?

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Thats halo infinite sbmm picking servers for you

Dude slipspaced to Alpha Halo.

And people always use the you just want to pub stomp noobs when it comes to pointing out the issues with infinite’s strict sbmm i knew something like this would happen eventually lol

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20k ping though? I mean I might as well not be in the match.

343 needs to get their -Yoink- together. This is unacceptable.

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Been saying the latter for 2 months now lol

I honestly didn’t think it was going to get this bad.

We need some kind of explaination here.

343’s explanation: we set our targets too early and we need to do better also heres another promise we broken

You know even Moist_Critical is -Yoink!-ing on the game?
His video is #2 on the youtube trending page.

Yep goes to show how much they screwed up

I wish I did but I just laughed at the time as I don’t think my game was going well so it was par for the course.


Snakebite was on another planet.
For those that don’t know, he’s 1 of the best players since H5 era. 2x world champion.
He’s got at least 1GB internet and top of the line hardware.

And him having this type of ping proves my point that halo infinite’s sbmm and netcode will throw you into laggy matches that shouldn’t be a thing with good internet

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Once I complete this event I’m putting the game down & not coming back till they fix desync


Played this evening and it was nice and smooth - no issues. I think it was definitely the Azure servers that were the problem the other night for me. I now have the wort charm :slight_smile: