Yappening is becoming more and more unplayable

Title says it all.

The SBMM and the outrageous desync has made what should have been a fun mode and wrecked it.

I hit a ping spike of 900. Yup 900.

Gotta love how 343i can find a way to mess up an easy W


What region are you playing in?


West cost and now the game crashed while in the middle of a match. This game is such as joke :joy:


Only problems so far I’ve had that alt tabbing out of the game too much often lead to having issues connecting to servers.

I got out of the hog to chase someone with my sentinel beam and it was like nope. I think even Infinite is even done with Infinite. :joy:


I had the opposite experience, it began pretty unplayable and improved. But I had to play at least 10 matches for SBMM to adjust. Networking is still 110+ ping.

It can always regress, since these core gameplay issues are not really resolved it makes anything that is added less fun.

Yeah I’m getting quite a few high diamond and onyx’s in most of my games in the playlist. Which is a bit annoying given it is a fun mode at heart. Really enjoying the event, but sbmm is pulling it back again from being pure fun.

I have once had my ping count at 30,000 although it was clearly just broken as the game played as if I was at about 40 to 50. I would use it as a general indicator and not a definitive measurement.

Did you get a screenshot? lol

Haha, that’s 30 seconds isn’t it? Quite the ping lol


I walked off a ledge, but what I saw as I was playing was me running around. I went down a hallway and just died. Self-destruction. I was so mad I had to watch it back and see what happened. Happened to me twice today. Pretty damn salty about this…

Made a post about the high ping and stuff a day or two ago. I been watching from the azurespeed website to see if it was down enough I could play… not touching it until later tonight. This is insane, I used to be able to play at any point of the day and now the ping is so bad I can’t at all. I can deal with a 100-200 ping without packet loss, latency and jitter but I know for sure when I start playing, that will be what I get currently. I’ve got 6 challenges left and after that, I intend not to play it anymore this week. Sucks cuz Yappening is actually fun to play.

Just played 2 yappening games in a row. Desynced mid firefight 4 times and died. Also randomly started spinning in a circle. twice…game issues make the Yappening not fun to play.

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The real messed up part is even if you wanted to show someone how bad the ping spikes are you can’t because theater is STILL broken after almost a year after launch.

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Nvidia cards have a built in record feature I use all the time. I believe you just hit Alt F9 to start recording and Alt F9 again to stop. You do need to find where the videos are stored though on your computer.

All these people with desync, are you on PC?

I don’t seem to get much on Xbox series x. I get high ping sometimes but I don’t think that’s the same as desync. I wonder if it’s the PC code in the game

I am on PC. Wish we had the ability to cross save and have stuff available for us on Xbox too cuz I have it for Xbox as well. :confused:

It’s not the Yappening event that is increasingly unplayable!
It’s halo infinite which is always a less and less stable beta over the updates.
343 industries just don’t care about desync and servers problems.

Sad thing, after today I’m starting to agree and if I can get my challenges done for this week, I think I may stop playing Halo for a while. Idc about the rewards but I can’t even play at all, period. It’s lag and that’s it.

Theres a video of someone having 20k ping on Twitter https://twitter.com/INTELHCSHalo/status/1566147759614431232?t=gqQrEg-NCrCkN5TJgZk4RA&s=19