Yappening finally feels like something worthy of being called an event

The rewards of the event are ok, could be better. But the mode is excellent. Finally an event mode FEELS like an actual event. The only other event that came close was Cyber Showdown with Attrition.

This should be the baseline for event modes going forward. Wherever possible tie in the theme of the event to the mode. The Christmas event for example could be a snowball fight mode. Halloween could have Infection or some other kind of spooky themed mode.

More event modes should feel like casual chaotic fun. They should feel like true social modes. This playlist could easily be added as a BTB Action Sack Playlist and expanded with more modes over time (stuff like Ninja Slayer added to it).


lets see garbage rewards and the game made me want to immediately uninstall infinite and a garbage weekly ult


lss was a better event


Then uninstall it. No one is stopping you.


It’s absolute garbage. Being forced into consistently unfair BTB matches is not my idea of fun. I was looking forward to this event, now I’m thinking of uninstalling for good.

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This is probably the most social event I’ve seen in the game. Not only is it BTB, which is generally better when it comes to play more casually ( more players = don’t have to play as serious as you would with 4 vs 4 ), the game modes are chaotic fun.

Wish they’d stop dropping events game modes after the event ends. Because I could see myself playing this more then even standard BTB.

Challenges are all pretty decent too. Mostly just rotating between playing event matches, win an event match, kill Spartans and accumulating a specific amount of score.


Just uninstall then. If you cant find any enjoyment in a silly event mode like this then there is clearly nothing that will make you happy.


LSS was actually fun.


Just because you find it fun doesn’t mean it fun for everyone. Bad event design yet again.

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How are you unable to enjoy an event mode that is designed to just be casual chaotic fun? Theres no reason to take it seriously. Its not designed badly just because theres no reason for you to sweat your life out in it.


343i can’t help it if your tastes in fun game modes is bad :wink: Lol
People have been wanting a more casual game mode, and this fits that narrative perfectly.


How is it “chaotic fun” when every match is one sided and has one or two players with over 20 kills and the rest of the team on both sides are all deaths and no kills? I’m not even trying to sweat, I just want a fairer experience. BTB needs tighter SBMM.

None of mine have been one sided yet, must just be you… Team Slayers that had like, a 5-15 score difference, stock pile where both teams were nearing 3 points at the end…

Even vehicles don’t dominate matches, since someone almost always has rockets on each team lol. Don’t have to worry about tanks destroying my team endlessly ( or Wasps ).

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What is the mode? Something in BTB I guess?

It’s a bunch of Fiesta BTB modes. Fiesta is one of my favourite modes but this just isn’t working with loose SBMM.

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Well the fact that you are trying to win and complaining about one sided unfair matches shows me you dont understand the concept of casual chaotic fun and are taking it way too seriously.


Lol so LSS was fun because YOU liked it but this event is not because YOU don’t like it? Makes sense.


The problem in both instances is people playing modes they don’t enjoy. I’ve always advocated for options, but once again we’re forced to play one playlist/mode.

That’s a ridiculous statement. Nothing is fun for everyone.

This is one of the ones I like a lot. As Fox said, super casual game mode. Very fun.

For me this is easily the best event so far, although I liked Attrition and LSS. The events were pants, but the game modes were a fun change and the new map with LSS. I’d say this is the first event that feels like a special event because the gametypes are ones we haven’t been able to play and they are silly. Gives me hopes for the future of Halo events with stuff like forge. We could ahve completely unique maps in every event and even crazier modes. I like these social modes a lot.


Like I said earlier.