Yappening = btb camping & fiesta

Half the modes are camping modes.
Sniper, rockets. Skewer…

Everyone hides and dosen’t leave their half of the map.

The rest of the modes are fiesta.
Get garbage starts every time.

And wonder why you lost…
Shock riffle, disruptor, plasma pistol/ stalker every other spawn
cant compete against power weapons.

You can pick up weapons.

You have to kill someone with trash.
Or get someone to kill for you and not take the good stuff

The normal map weapons/campaign variants spawn on the map.

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It’s a team game, so helping your teammates out to get better weapons isn’t a bad thing.

It also forces you to learn how to use weapon you generally don’t use more effectively and efficiently. Which is a good thing. I didn’t know before today that the needler can quickly wrench a person using over shields. It’s now quickly becoming a favorite weapon.