yall be playin halo 4...i be playin halo 5

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i see you having halo 4 that some owl -Yoink- i be playing halo 5 and black ops 3 all day long. Yall dont know -Yoink- y no wat im syng?

cortana be havin some -Yoink!- fine -Yoink- eyes in halo 5 y no syng?

wan chek tis -Yoink- out come to ma home!

cortana is… sniped

Oh dear… i dant like diz, dawg. Plz staph.


> Thuglife

I see you a dawg come to my hood we be playin ima be living the thuglife to .

wtf lol

There is a great distrubance in the forums. It’s as if a million brain-cells cried out in terror, and then were suddenly silenced