Ya know I complain, BUT

Ngl some of these armors are REAL pretty though; And with Cross core coming my reach helmet is going to look
SAH-HIIIICK on the Rakshasa. Idk when the rest of the reach armor will drop but whooooo.

The only real sets of armor I’d LOVE to see back on my hands are



H3 recon

And for all that is holy one day elite cores. I would slap your grandmother with a wet piece of lettuce for ANY arbiter armor. If they let us do full piece customization (God please) then also the:

Silent Shadow

Reach Space suit

Spec Ops

And maybe something low armor like ancient sangheli leather. Maybe that’s too much, maybe im a nerd.

What armors; Spartan or Elite do you love currently or want to see?


Ngl, if they ever release playable elites I would love to have the same armour as Jega Rdomnai and/or Chak Lok

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I would love to see Mark IV, the Halo 3 Mark VI and other more “exotic” armors like Helioskrill and Achilles make a return.
And a proper Halo CE Mark V core for sure

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I think one of their biggest mistakes was making MkV B the first set of armor unlocks. Not because Reach was bad (far from it), but because it setup expectations they couldn’t possibly meet, by making an obvious comparison between Reach’s customization options, which are arguably the most loved by the community, and Infinite, which is a whole other thing. That was a crazy high bar they set for themselves, and that clearly disappointed people.

I agree, cross-core will help a lot. At the very least, it will be nice to be able to finally use the MkV helmet on MkV armor, haha.