ya it seems we have ALOT of hackers

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so like i wus talking about in my last post about the hackers in reach, well for the past 10 or so rounds i’ve been in there been atleast 1 hacker on the other team thats low ranked and lands well over 40+ kills. hell i’ve had a few ppl kill me throw walls. and dont say im laging im in the green and my ping in 36. i wus in one round where this one -Yoink- landed 40 kills and only died once. so K/D is stupid high and lands every single hit…


and at the end of the round (like all hackers) has left


normal i’ll leave a round if the other team has a hacker in it. but thx to the BS temp bann -Yoink- (witch needs to be removed) i cant leave cuz i’ll get temp banned…

Well first of all that is very possible if you use the Banshee. Happens all the time in Invasion. Second I don’t know how but you seemed to have killed yourself in as you had a negative score. Not many hackers in Halo, though i’m not saying I don’t believe you.

Looks like he could be a skilled Banshee pilot. I’ve seen plenty of people own the entire game with the Banshee. Reach’s Banshee OP.

You haven’t stated in your post why you think that guy was hacking. You posted pics with showing someone with nice stats, and so what if he left…

FYI, he made a post complaining of hackers, here is the original https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst253638_Mores-hackers.aspx

This is no evidence enough. On Reach (as well on H3 and H4), there are people with a lot of skill with vehicles (such the Banshee on this case), weapons, grenades, etc. On the other post, with real hacking, I was talking about things like mods, bots, aimbots, etc. A good example of hacking is on this video Hacker de Halo Reach! (Comentado) - YouTube

Agreed. SHAIYAOWNS, showing us a Carnage Report where some guy owned you with a Banshee doesn’t prove hacking. I’ve seen guys get 60+ kills and not die once. They are good with a Banshee and nobody bothers to team shoot them.

This guy has barely better than a 1.0 K/D. So if he’s hacking it must be very new thing for him.

And as far as the quit ban goes… It should absolutely not be removed! If anything, it should be more strict. When you quit, you ruin the experience for both teams. You waste the time they took to search an play a partial game. If you’re getting banned then you’re already beyond quitting way too much.

We aren’t allowed to call out other players.
Also, he isn’t hacking.
I’ve done some similar stuff like this in Halo 4.
He is probably just really skilled or fought a terrible team(no offense).

If you say that you ran into a hacker 3 times in a row, then that means:
1: You are unlucky
2: They are better skilled

I’ve gone 40+ in BTB using just a DMR multiple times. I’ve also gotten many perfections in Reach without dying, no trickery or cheating going on there, just pure skill. While I don’t consider banshees skill (just easy kills by helpless foes due to that lame AOE banshee blast) that player looks like they got the 40 kills legit.

Also if you are playing heavies in BTB you earn double points for certain medals such as headshots for example = 2 points. Judging by your own k/d in Reach you seem to get killed a lot ore than you kill players. Instead of blaming other for hacking you should consider sharpening your own skills first and you will find those players you thought were hackers are actually just good …