XVII | Halo 5

Message me on this, Xbox ‘Zist W17’ and I will invite, or request to join.
Just two friends in the clan atm.

Join XVII.

Good evening fellow Halo Clan,

Welcome to the community and I would like to extend an invitation to a clan alliance known as the Sector Nine Federation. Our goals and aims are simple: unite the clan community, improve the clan community and build bridges that create one of the most famous coalitions ever. Here is a link so you may view the information regarding it https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/504760bd1678460abcc89e5f5e1ad7a1/topics/sector-nine-federation-coalition/.

Also we are going to be having a meeting amongst the clans in the Alliance and people interested in it this Friday 29th April at 8pm EST. I highly encourage you to come along and bring anyone else that may be possibly interested in this alliance. I hope you can see the value of this coalition and I am free to answer questions at anytime. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Very Respectfully,

Darth Baum
Epsilon Fleet Command, Fleet Admiral
Sector Nine Federation, Security Council