xps and matchmaking

hi im not sure if im asking the right question (or even people), but i seem to have been capped at level 70 for the last few days. im not getting any more xps from matches and the matchmaking itself is terrible. it seems to find 16 players and then for no reason restarts the search. this can go on for 5 minutes or more sometimes, also i get into games then it just goes back to the teams screen and i get booted from the game. you can always tell when its gonna happen as there is a lag in play and other spartans appear and disappear in front of you then… boot!. is anyone else having these issues? any help or advice would be much appreciated thx. i have had a quick look in the forums and havent found anyone having the same problems. (though i may not have looked hard enough)

I think its because you have bad internet…cuz that never happens to me.

na i doubt it, seemed to work great at first when i got it at launch . my internet admittedly aint fantastic (only abt 3.5-5 mb/s) but that should be more than enough to play the game plus it doesnt really address the level cap issue, iv seen plenty of other folk way above lvl 70