Xp3cT K1lling

I am recruiting for a clan called Xp3cT K1lling. This is a regular clan but also doubles as a mlg gamebattles team. So whether your looking to have fun and play some customs or be on a competitive team this is the place for you. Message me on Xbox live. VI Protocol IV is the gamertag. We have multiple custom game maps that are fun to play with but because we just started out we don’t really have anyone to play with. It’s just me and my buddy for now. Message if you want in and if you like it which I am sure you will you can stay. But for the occasional bad apple or just person who realizes clans aren’t for them you may leave at will. This is VI Protocol IV of Xp3cT K1lling and I am signing off.

-VI Protocol IV

Roster Log-
Leaders/Founders-VI Protocol IV & Nicedye