XP Revamp For Halo Infinite

Loving the game but the XP progression system needs to be reset. Theres no way that someone can earn all the different achievements during a match (killing spree, double kill, etc) and not get XP for it. The challenges are good but they shouldnt be the sole way to get XP within the game. Putting in so much work during a match and only get maybe 50 XP seems unfair and it would take forever for anyone to complete a battle pass unless they were playing 24/7 with no sleep. Im no Halo master to say the least but even casual Halo players should have some inkling of progression while playing this game or they will not come back

Are you referring to Halo Infinite or Halo MCC? or both?

For Halo Infinite. Just feel like players should get XP rewarded for getting killstreaks or other actions in game rather than the prescribed challenges. The challenges should be additional XP IMO

They need to either convert match score into XP at a rate of let’s say 40:1 (so 2000 match score converts to 50 XP for instance) or assign XP amounts to the various medals, with common medals only giving like 1xp scaling upwards in xp amounts through the various rarity medals.

The current 50 xp per match and weekly challenges is insufficient for sure. I have put probably 25+ hours into the game already and am only at level 14 out of 100 on the battlepass. I will reach 100 on this battlepass eventually since we have until may on this first one, but later battlepasses will be 3 months and I don’t want to have to play like 200 hours of Halo every 3 months to finish battlepasses.

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I totally agree. Some XP amounts toward the medals you earn during the match would be more than fair and how it used to be. You putting in 25 hours should definitely have you higher on the battlepass but with this setup, it will take so much longer than it should be