Xp progression is still slow

Is it me or is the progression still grindy?

I may be greedy on this but

50xp per game is still too slow. At least scale the xp to the game mode played. If 50xp is given per game regardless of game mode. I’d be spamming bots since its the fastest to clear a game. Maybe at least award us with credits to buy the stuff in the store. Or make it so we can buy double xps more frequently

I’ve been spamming bots ever since and I’ve only gone to 20 because of how tedious it is. So idk man

Help im sad

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Challenge-only progression really doesn’t work with how long the grind is between battle pass levels.

match XP is probably the best solution to this, being rewarded for how you play, not how they want for you to play with some off these weird challenges.


yeah since i finished my challenges on saturday i’ve been amazed by the fact that i jumped from 15 to 17 with over 50 games, it really feels like you get stuck, maybe 2 or 3 extra daily challenges that give you 100 to 250 xp, so you can at least advance 2 or 3 levels a day without having to play for over 6 hours, even if you only access these once you finish your weekly would be fair, cause i had to wait 3 days of painful 50 after 50 xp progression, i know some would even finish weekly challenges in a day or two.

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The base is there for performance xp in match via the badges which is nothing new but absent from this game currently.

I would like to hope that this does get a good rebuild, not a tweak here and there but if you want sustained player base who are happy to part with cash, it must allow access from the person who just wants to play, to the person who can drop a couple of bucks here and there and get something, up through to the people that are happy to part with hundreds.

Considering the talent and knowledge of the team I would be blown away if this is purely an “oversight” given how long these models, of which there are great examples, have been around.

This taking the “core” to the “hard” versus other very success titles with battle passes. It will need attention or it will be an Anthem or potentially see a civil case.

Either way we are young in the release process and although I struggle with “beta” releases happily opening the cash shop, I am freaking loving this game. Lets give it a good few months to address the feedback.

<3 stay safe all.

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My biggest worry is that they will patch it by saying ‘50 xp is for those players who preform the best’ so that means unless you are sweating off every game you will not meet the 50xp. The solution is that for good progress to be made we needs to make 1 level between every 5-8 games. They can literally just copy the Call of Duty battlepass system because it allows those players who want to progress fast to progress fast and not get burnt out. Those who want to take their time can then take their time without having to focus every damn game.


  • Levels should be 500xp
  • Gameplay should give a minimum of 75xp with supplement challenges
  • Free players should be granted more customization
  • Cut down the amount of store items. $1035 worth of cosmetics.
  • Add premium currency as BP rewards.
  • Make challenges achievable NOT HYPER SPECIFC
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I am playing since 5 days now. Unlocked around 20 achievements just by playing, but haven’t had the chance to finish a challenge yet. I am not sure it is supposed to be like that.

For the first 2 days I didn’t even knew, that there are Wraith’s and Scorpion’s in this game, because I haven’t seen any.

Some of these challenges remind me of the Halo 4 DLC achievements, which were really difficult to even attempt. Specific weapon/ specific kill in a specific level can be really hard if you can’t play that level consistently. But these were achievements and felt as such.

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