XP PER PLAYLIST / It's Sleepy Time

Simple really in Halo 3 you got xp in what ever playlist you played in IF YOU WON
Each win was equal to 1 xp point in THAT PLAYLIST it doesn’t really show SKILL but more dedication to that playlist or maybe just time played in said playlist

Or maybe Rank per playlist kind of like were you stand vs. others in that playlist

I loved it and would love to see it return .

It has No impact on overall SKILL just

Team Slayer - 550 xp
BigTeambattle - 300 xp
Zombies - 146556 xp
MLG - 23 xp

I don’t really care about this, I just want them to bring back 1-50 from Halo2/3 but I know that probably won’t happen.

I like H3’s xp system I think the your main rank the one that will be on your card should be accross each gametype including Spartan Ops, then gain one xp for placing top 3 like in H3 for your playlist experience.