xp limit and my thoughts dealing with it

I havent seen anything on the forums about it though i have on google. It seems the limit is variable. Regardless, I feel either the limit needs to increase or the xp earned per match needs decreassed. I say this because in a meer 2 hours I reached the cap, granted I had double xp on but still.

Also, there needs to be a way to rebank the double xp games applied to the account or not have them used when the limit is reached and still playing. I lost 5-10 matches worth the other night when I played due to it and will again should I play more today.

As for the xp earned, I feel there should be a larger difference between someone with a score of 510 an that of one with 110. I dont see why someone that does poorly in a match should be earning next to that of one who dominates. I have my off games where I do horribly and see no reason to be making such a small amount of difference as those on my team who do great.

Edit: I just noticed some posts after making this, I searched for xp limit and it appears most has been stated as xp cap. Regardless, I wrote this from my 360 so wont be transfering to a pre-existing topic.